Name:               Rabia Ince
Nationality:        British
Place of Birth:    Manchester, England
Date of Birth:     18th September 1964
Marital status:    Married with two children


1983-1986:        B.Sc
Institution Name:            Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K.
Degree/year:      PHYSICS - First Class Honours
1986-1989:        Ph.D
Institution Name: UMIST, Dept. of Instrumentation and Analytical Science, U.K.
Title:                 "Interaction Of Glow Discharge With Microwave Radiation In Fabry-Perot Semi-Confocal Resonator."


1976 – 1981     

Institution Name: Whalley Range High School
City:                  Manchester, UK
1981 – 1983
Institution Name: Wythenshawe College Of Further Education
City:                  Manchester, UK


Yeditepe University, Arts & Science Faculty,
Physics Department,
Kayisdagi cad., Kayisdagi,
Tel:       +90 216 578 06 73
Fax:      +90 216 578 05 72

1989 - 1990
Company:          Daresbury Laboratory
Position:            Synchrotron radiation Scientist
Responsibility:    Running of a high energy (7-33 KeV, 5T), X-Ray station for analysing samples using (EXAFS) techniques.
City:                  Warrington, UK.
1990 - 1992
Company:          UMIST, DIAS,
Position:            Research Fellow
Responsibility:    In charge of non-destructive testing (NDT) research equipment. Carrying out research into the imaging of sub-surface defects using Laser Generated Ultrasound. Publishing the research results in scientific journals.
City:                  Manchester, UK.
1993 - 1997
Company:          National Metrology Institute (UME)
Position:            Senior Scientist
Responsibility:    In charge of primary national microwave and resistance standards. Development of the standards, international intercomparisons and computer control of the stabilities.
City:                  Kocaeli/Turkey.
Company:          NIST/Electronic and Electrical Department
Position:            Guest researcher
Responsibility:    Automating a cryogenic electrical standard (Quantum-Hall standard) using visual basic programs. Running the quantum standard to calibrate primary standards to a quantum standard.
City:                  Washington/USA.
1998 - present
Company:          Yeditepe University (English teaching)
Position:            Lecturer in Physics
Responsibility:    Lecturing in optics, metrology and on the masters and doctor’s program. Carrying out research in image processing and optics.

City:                  Istanbul/Turkey.


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R Ince, H S Aytekin, A T Ince and U Kerpiç,

“Prediciton of absolute Seebeck coefficients at ITS-90 temperatures using an artificial neural network”

Submitted to Metrologia, 2004.


National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA), US Dept. Of Commerce.
Award For International Cooperation In Science And Technology.


Calibration of electrical standards: at National Physical Laboratory (NPL), England, at NIST, USA, at NMi, Holland.
British Accreditation Service Assessor Course for ISO 9000, ISO25 and EN-45000 1995.
Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt-Germany "Team Development, Cooperation and Management Skills", 1997.
Koç Management training course on time, team management and leadership.


Atomic and molecular spectroscopy, instrumentation and measurement, data storage in crystals, signal and image processing.


Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement