Necdet Aslan


Çekmece Nuclear Research Center: Nuclear Engineering Department Küçük Çekmece, Istanbul Tel: (212)548-4050 ext. 2401-5

Residence:Süleyman Tevfik Sok. Faruk Demirbag Apt.No:1/5 Suadiye Istanbul Tel:(216)445 9661

Departmental Office: Yeditepe Universitesi Fen Edeb.Fizik Böl.Kayisdagi Istanbul Tel: (216)578-0674 Fax:(216) 578-0672

Place, Date of Birth, Nationality:
Ankara, Turkey Aug. 7, 1962 Turkey

PhD in Nuclear Engineering, April 1993.
Thesis Title: Computational Investigations of Ideal Magnetohydrodynamic Plasmas with Discontinuities. Advisors: Terry Kammash & Phillip L. Roe
M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering, 1988 (Experimental)

Thesis Title: Langmuir and Emissive Probes in DC Glow Discharges Advisor: Mary Brake
Advanced course work included Plasma Physics, Experimental Plasma Physics, Nuclear Measurements, Nuclear Physics, Reactor Physics, Charged Particle Beams, Particle Accelerator Design, Radiation Physics, Laser Physics, Fusion Technology, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Methods etc.
B.S. in Engineering Physics, 1984. Completed the requirements of Engineering Physics with advanced courses such as Electromagnetic Theory, Quantum Physics, Solid State Physics, Statistical Physics, Semi- Conductor Technology, Electronics, Low Temperature Physics etc. As a requirement of the department, laboratory experiments following the model of the University of Berkeley were completed.

Work Experience:

Associate Professor in the Physics Depart ment, part time lecturer in MBA department.
MARMARA UNIVERSITY, Ystanbul, TURKEY. (1993-1998)
Associate Professor in the Physics Department. Thought BS., MS., and PhD level courses, organized, designed, and established a new undergraduate Electronics Laboratory (with full responsibility).
ENTES ELECTRONICS Co.,NETA ELECTRONICS Co., Ystanbul, Turkey. (1996-1999)
Consultant and R/D Coordinator. Provided technical and theoretical help for EMI (Electromagnetic Immunity) and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) of electronic devices produced by ENTES and NETA. Received 3 grants for these companies from TUBITAK-(R/D GRANT)
Official Consultant in Nuclear Engineering Division. Providing support for the recent developments in numerical methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics and working on the Natural Convection and Incompressible Flows in Channels as it applies to Nuclear Reactor Safety.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. (1986-1993)
Master's thesis (experimental) was completed at the University of Michigan with the design of an emissive
probe and a delayed trigger circuit to measure the density and temperature distribution of electrons in DC Glow Discharges. PhD thesis included the numerical solutions of Magnetohydrodynamic Equations with a higher order upwind (Godunov type) method to investigate fusion and space plasmas.
EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY, Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA (1989-1992) Lecturer at the department of Mathematics. Thaught Math. and Algebra Classes.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. (1990)
Teaching Assistant in Comprehensive Studies Program at the Math. Department.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. (1988-1993)
Community Manager for Family Housing. Welcommed and oriented new residents, organized social and cultural activities.
Research Assistant in the department of Nuclear Engineering. Organized Nuclear Engineering Software Library (including standard Nuclear Reactor Design Codes).
A job training position in the design and production of power supplies for military telecommunication devices.

- Selected as the best faculty (among more than 100 academic personal) in the
Faculty of Arts and Science, Marmara University, 1998.
- Graduated with honors as the best student from the department of Engineering
Physics, Hacettepe University, Turkey, 1984.
- Won two scholarships from Turkey (Education Ministry) & Japan (Monbusho)
and preferred Turkish scholarship for PhD study in Nuclear Eng. in theUSA, 1985.
- Won the best presentation and best quality of paper awards at the International
American Nuclear Society Conference held in Pittsburgh, 1991 USA.
- Served as referee for the Journal of Physics of Fluids-B, 1992.
- Received several short term fellowships and grants from University of Michigan.
- Selected the best Physics Instructor by the Engineering Faculty, Marmara
University, Turkey, Winter 1994.
- Received a grant from NATO Collaborative Research Grants Programme on Dec.
1994 to pursue research with Prof. Terry Kammash and Phillip Roe, University of
Michigan-USA. Received a renewal on this grant on 1997.
- Received awards from Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council and
Turkpetrol Foundation for attending conferences.
- Received a long term grant from NSF (National Science Foundation), USA with
Prof. Terry Kammash and Phillip Roe from University of Michigan 1996-1999.
- Received 3 Research/Development grants from TÜBYTAK (Dept. of Scientific Technical Reserach) for
ENTES and NETA Electronics Co.
- Visiting Assoc. Prof. in Nuclear Engineering Dept., University of Michigan
(March-Sept., 1997, Jan-Feb., 1999)
- Received 3rd grant from NATO Collaborative Research Grants Programme on 2000
to pursue research with Prof. Igor Ruthkevich & Michael Mond, Ben-Gurion University
of Israel.
- Served as referee for the Int. Journal of Numer. Methods in Engin., 2001.
- Serving in the scientific board of ISTEK Foundation Science-High Schools (Fen Liseleri)
- Received a research grant from the Applied Mechanical Engineering Department of National Taiwan
University (May-Aug., 2002).

- Received a grant from Taiwan Science Foundation (2001 summer, 3 months) for a research in National Taiwan University, Applied Mechanical Eng. Dept., on Incompressible Flows with Heat transfer and concentration effects as it applies to fuel cell flows
- Received fellowship from TRIL Programme: The Abdus Salam International Centre for
Theoretical Physics, for a research on incompressible MHD fuels as it applies to electro-magnetic
control of liquid metals at the Applied Mathematics Department, MHD Consortium, Trieste, Italy
- Initiated and actively involved in the Natural Gas Energy Co-Generation Project at Yeditepe University,
- Received an Academic Equipment Grant from SUN Computers Co. including 6 powerful SUN Computers and established a new Computational Fluid Dynamics and Parallel Processing Laboratory at the Physics Department, Yeditepe University.

Courses Taught :
Light and Optics ,Electricity and ,Electronics I , Electronics II, Electronics , Electronics I Lab., II Lab., III
Lab. ,Advanced Numerical Methods ,Plasma Physics and Controlled , Classical , Numerical Methods in
Physics ,Numerical Fluid Dynamics , Nuclear Physics, Mathematical Methods in Physics, Computational
Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Alternative Energy Resources, European Community and CE
Standards (MBA), Logistics Management (MBA)

Scientific & Professional Society Membership:
American Nuclear Society Michigan Section, Associate Member, European Physical Society
Turkish Physical Society, Istanbul Section Associate Board Member,
Who is Who in Engineering (USA)

References: References available upon request
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Aerospace Engineering Dept. Nuclear Engineering Dept.
University of Michigan University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI USA Ann Arbor, MI USA
+001(734) 764-3394 +001(734) 764-0205
Prof. Bram van-Leer Prof. Sevim Akyüz
Aerospace Engineering Dept Fen-Fak. Physics Dept.
University of Michigan Istanbul University
Ann Arbor, MI USA Istanbul, TURKEY
+001(734) 764-3394 +90(212) 511-8480 ext. 323

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